Type Design Education 
Type Production 
2022 – Present Self-initiated

Death of Typography  
Starting a local Type Collective 

In University, 2 friends and I took a type design module. Encouraged by our instructor, we founded a type collective called ‘Death of Typography’. 

Death of Typography has 2 main arms: workshops and foundry. We host workshops to teach type and have discourse about design. Our foundry produces typefaces made by local designers.

Font In Use: SDW 2022 & 2023 /  A Beauty Odyssey / Vessels, Hands, Summer, and Other Goodbyes / SAM Contemporaries:
Residues and Remixes

We host workshops not only to teach type design but also to have honest conversations about design (e.g. on design education).

Our Font Incubation program give mentorship and technical lessons on software (Glyphs) and type design.