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Environmental Graphics
Under Eight Inc. 

HEYBO Experience Playbook
Bringing warmth, comfort and fun into space 

HEYBO is a grain bowl concept that offers affordable grain bowls made from ingredients from all over the world. Every bowl is healthy and delicious, serving up textures and tastes that are familiar to each culture. 

HEYBO wanted an Experience Playbook with signature experiences that they can apply to different markets globally. 

We created an experience that is homely and engaging – alike visiting a friend’s home and being welcomed into their culture. HEYBO already has an ownable brand identity. The communications within these experiences successfully translates its branding into space while making sure that they are functional and strategic to a customer’s experience. 

(To be Presented – This Project is not live yet. Do note that the thumbnail is not representative of the work completed, image belongs to HEYBO.)