Participated in:
Concept Design 
Art Direction 
Environmental Graphics

Under Eight Inc. 

Lenskart Retail Experience
Communications focused on change 

Lenskart is an Indian optical retail chain with over 2,000 retail chains all over Southeast Asia. They undertook a recent rebranding in 2022. 

The graphic communications of Eight’s Retail concept has 2 main kinds: 1. Expressive and 2. Functional. Expressive comms expresses the brand’s purpose while functional comms relates to reformatting existing assets and signages for merch. 

The overall retail concept ‘Doorways to Dreams’ is a discovery led experience that allows customers to reveal new perspectives and possibilities, to satisfy the dreamer in themselves through digital and physical touchpoints. 

The expressive communications are focused on the idea of subverting common perspectives. We lean into the idea of an optical brand by using the term ‘We see’ followed by a subverted messaging. This conveys our purpose of transforming the way people see the world.

This can come through in multiple forms/visuals/campaigns but the above is the core messaging. 

In-store comms appears on LED tiles placed at the base of totems with hero products and a video wall.

Apart from brand messaging, we understand that multiple content kinds should be played throughout. 

We used a Pride campaign to showcase this messaging, as Lenskart had launched a Pride campaign before thus we identified it as one of their focus in activism. 

Instead of using pride colours, we consider the different flags for LGBTQ+ and celebrates all of them with the LED tiles. 

At the final video wall, we see people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and see them as confident and beautiful.