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Raw Beauty
A brand identity that celebrates nature and You.

Brief (Notional)
Raw is a beauty brand that caters to young vegan individuals who have a passion for using natural skincare products. The products are purely plant-based and the brand’s highly commited to sustainability. 

(Brief was from Brand Brief but I used it as a starting point and edited it.) 

Vegan’s not only about diets anymore. According to research, the vegan cosmetics market is projected to grow almost twice in value by 2030. Established cosmetic brands are also shifting their focus onto and producing vegan products. How can raw beauty stand out from an increasing crowd of competitors? 

In a blur of cosmetics brands that are visually minimal and sophisticated, raw beauty is fun. Raw Beauty celebrates Nature which is unrefined, clumsy and awkward yet ever so authentic. 

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Logo on Colours

Logo Inspirations: a plant protecting a seedling conveys the hopes of our activism being carried on from people to people. It also looks like an r with a period, that marks the end of a bold statement, and the beginning of another.

Colours plucked from Nature (and ingredients of raw beauty products).

Campaign: ‘all Natural. all You.” celebrates the flaws in our skin by comparing them to raw nature e.g. spotted banana, lines on almonds etc. These are also ingredients in raw beauty’s cosmetics and skincare. (Inspired by Numan vs Nature by Agnieszka Lepka).

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