Concept Design 
Art Direction 
Type Design
2023 – Present 
Type West Project 

Type as Expression 

Venusville was a typeface created during my time at Type West Online (a year-long online postgraduate Type Design course by Letterform Archive). 

At Type West, I was very inspired by my classmates who grew up with insane lettering environments overseas. I wanted to create a typeface full of life.

Venusville is a typeface inspired by Cyber Noir, a film genre that combines Film Noir and Cyberpunk. It embodies the genre’s dark, dystopian ambiance through reverse contrast, and unconventional forms.

Cyber Noir deals with dark themes in a futuristic landscape and combines the moody atmosphere of Film Noir and the techno aspects of Cyberpunk. 

To condense this genre into a typeface, I first broke down the visual/conceptual aspects that I can draw out from each genre. I decided that the idea of entrapment/contrast of Film Noir + resistance towards something that’s failing is a rather good base to start from. 

References: (Top Left to Bottom Right): Boogey Brut by Julien Priez, High on Type’s Workshops, CoFo Chimera by Contrast Foundry and Zalfia by Neva Zidic. 

First Sketch features an O that looks like it’s decaying at opposite ends and gives an interesting texture to the rest of the letterforms. 

Uppercase letters in Regular, Bold and Italics

Lowercase letters in Regular, Bold and Italics